Stretch Marks on Stomach

stretch marks on stomachIt’s definitely obvious that millions or even billions of people are trying to do one thing – to get rid of stretch marks on stomach. Well, instead of rushing to find the solution to their problem, they should try to do something else first. Simply put, those looking to make their tummies much smoother should spend time to learn about the issue in a general sense. There’s no need to search the web for all kinds of facts though, since this write-up features more than enough details on the matter.

All about the Impact

There’s no denying that stretch marks are unsightly, which is whyPicture many want to get rid of them. However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any deeper reasons why those streaks should be eliminated. For one, the stripes have a significant impact on self-confidence. While most individuals don’t show their tummies in public, they do worry about what their partners would say about their midsections. Of course, swimsuit season also brings paranoia to those with lots of stretch marks.

Aside from having damaging effects on self-confidence, stretch marks could also sever the bond between a mother and her child. Since unsightly streaks tend to be associated with pregnancy, babies end up being blamed sometimes. In this sense, instead of developing a loving, nurturing feeling towards their newborns, some moms begin to wish that they didn’t go through pregnancy at all. While that does seem a little extreme, it just proves that to some people, being flawless is always a priority.

baby bellyIf there are women who regret their decision to give birth, it’s only to be expected that there are those who don’t want to get pregnant since they’re afraid of having stretch marks. Once again, that piece of info might be a bit difficult to believe. Truth be told, midwives are now being trained to fight against body anxiety, which in turn means that it’s finally among their responsibilities to convince ladies that streaks shouldn’t be viewed as something that can’t be lessened and even removed.

A Mysterious Origin

Before moving on to the topic of stretch-mark removal, it’s necessary to answer one particular question: what exactly leads to the appearance of stretch marks on stomach? There are doctors who’d say right away that ugly stripes are formed by actual stretching. That’s why women who gave birth eventually discover streaks on their bellies. As some would’ve expected, the same logic applies to weight gain. After all, the skin is being literally stretched out whenever there are lots of fat under it.

While some medical experts think that stretching is the culprit, there are those who’d surely argue that a hormone is to blame. That hormone is Cortisone, which does one thing pretty well – to make the skin’s fiber much weaker than usual. Given that Corticosteroids (that act like Cortisone) are usually linked with stretch-mark formation, then it’s really not that hard to believe in physicians who say that hormones trigger unsightly dilemmas. Still, the existence of multiple theories highlights one thing – uncertainty.

Many individuals would probably have another question in their minds at this point: why is it that physicians aren’t sure about the roots of tummy stripes? Well, no one has ever monitored the progression of stretch marks closely. It’s also true that there are diseases which tend to create numerous streaks throughout the body without even stretching the skin. Since most things about the tummy problem seem to be a mystery, it’s quite a relief to know that some scientific experts managed to come up with solutions.

Stretch-mark sufferers might be asked by their doctors to use Tretinoin Cream. This particular treatment works because it forces the skin to create new fibers. As this process of dermal regeneration continues, the stripes become more and more similar in appearance to healthy skin. It’s a must to point out though, that the cream wouldn’t work in all kinds of belly streaks. Only those that appeared fairly recently could be removed. Fortunately, there are other much more potent skin-problem solvers.

Chemical Peels might also be prescribed to those with tummy-stripe woes. The word “chemical” alone would definitely strike fear into the hearts of individuals who seek painless options. It’s actually true that this solution to stretch marks wouldn’t be effective unless phenol is used. Given the sheer strength of phenol and its alarming toxicity, this kind of Chemical Peel often involves sedatives, pain killers, and even lengthy stays in the operating room. Without a doubt, this is a scary option.

Laser has also become one of the most powerful dermal-dilemma solvers, which is why using it is among the most popular ways of getting rid of stretch marks on stomach. However, many end up surprised upon discovering this fact – a single session isn’t enough. For those with old, thick stripes, even five sessions wouldn’t be sufficient to get a flawless tummy. Here’s another thing that often shocks those looking to have their bellies enhanced – laser therapy is far from painless.

If pain isn’t a problem and quick results matter the most, then surgery might be the best option. Simply put, by cutting away the skin’s unsightly parts through a procedure known as Abdominoplasty, noteworthy improvements could be achieved in no time. Just like Tretinoin Cream, Chemical Peel, and Laser Therapy though, this particular operation isn’t without flaw. Some people end up developing all kinds of scars throughout their belly region, which in turn creates much bigger appearance issues.

Few Natural Choices

Aside from the cream, those solutions to stretch marks are a bit terrifying. Well, that’s most likely the reason that some health professionals are also interested in pain-free, natural therapies. So far, three nature-derived remedies managed to stand out – Vitamin C, Wheat Germ Oil, and Shea Butter. The first one in that short list works in a fairly straightforward way. When the body gets extra amounts of Vitamin C (around 1500mg), fiber formation goes into overdrive and thus belly stripes end up fading.

Wheat Germ Oil is another natural option for those looking to get rid of their tummy streaks. It should be pointed out though, that this topical treatment has only shown promise when used on newly-formed stretch marks. Here’s another interesting tidbit about Wheat Germ Oil – scientific experts aren’t really sure how it helps erase unsightly spots. Most probably, the sheer amount of Vitamin E in it boosts the skin’s ability to regenerate, much like what Vitamin C does.

Finally, it’s time to focus on Shea Butter. Being rich in all kinds of nutrients, this belly-stripe eliminator has quite a number of followers. In fact, some even decide to use Shea Butter with oils and scrubs made from the African Shea Tree’s nut. However, it’s undeniable that there are also lots of people who claim that it’s a waste of time to rely on such a natural remedy in eliminating stretch marks. They say that Shea Butter only works if it’s used as a preventive measure.

Dodge the Dilemma

After seeing the word “preventive”, many would surely come up with one question: are there really ways to avoid having stretch marks? Well, techniques that prevent tummy streaks from appearing do exist. Eating the right meals is actually the first strategy in maintaining a flawless belly. While that might seem a bit cliché, it’s true that eating foods rich in vitamins and minerals makes the skin much more capable of protecting itself from all sorts of harm.

Here’s a word that’s associated with beautiful tummies – exercise. Like eating healthy, engaging in physical activity is an often-praised preventive measure against streaks. Of course, many of those curious about the topic of stretch marks on stomach would begin to wonder how exercise could protect their midsections. Simply put, physical activity does three important things – it makes circulation much more efficient, it enhances the skin’s suppleness, and it prevents sudden changes in weight.

Following a good skin-care regimen is also considered an excellent way of staying free of tummy streaks. Interestingly, a good skin-care routine doesn’t have to be complicated at all, especially since it just needs to include exfoliation and moisturization. Exfoliation merely means that it would be necessary to use a brush or a loofah while taking a bath. On the other hand, moisturization is just a term that highlights the importance of lotions, creams, and oils as part of a good after-bath habit.

Even though many view these techniques as effective, there are those who’d surely say otherwise. Instead of merely thinking that this world is filled with naysayers, it’s best to think about things in a much more logical way. Simply put, conflicting claims mean that no preventive measure works all the time. Given that the appearance of stretch marks is linked with all kinds of causes, it shouldn’t be difficult to understand that different people need different stripe-fighting strategies.
A Useful Suggestion

Those who’ve read this write-up carefully would surely understand that preventing and eliminating tummy streaks are both complicated pursuits. With that in mind, it becomes a must to end this article with one important suggestion: those trying to tackle issues about stretch marks on stomach shouldn’t hesitate to seek advice from trustworthy medical experts.

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